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High jinks with the re-opening of the Florida Avenue courts. In costume are Ida Reynolds, Terry Stone, Marg Hibbert and Brenda Stone with Ray Stone (Life Member) captivated by the "teenage" players. 1950 Grand Final competitors. Teams from Somers and Mornington photographed prior to their match. Somers team members were: Helen Thrumm, Rona Carr, Jan Lovett, Jean Stone, Bob Stone, Stan Carr, Ray Stone (Life Member) and Terry Hope-Campbell. Resurfacing the Florida Avenue courts in 1937. Members of Somers Tennis Club "hard at it" long before the protective wall of trees grew up around the courts. Identifiable residents from left to right are: Mr Matthews (school teacher), Ray Stone (Life Member), Ron Stone, Bert Clarke, Geoff Clarke, Rex Carr and Lex Needham.
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Opening of original clubhouse at Stone Reserve. Pictured are Sue Spencer, Kath Lewis, Ann Vince, Clem Kleinig, Susie Kleinig, Di Konning, ?, Ben Carroll, Fred Konning, Lois Booth, Ian Thomson, Sandra Miller, Pauline Drummond. Opening of original clubhouse at Stone Reserve. Pictured on deck are Clem Kleinig, Di Konning, Ian Thomson. L-R are ?, ?, ?, Ray Stone (Life Member), Pauline Nuske, Dot Byrne, Stan Byrne, Jess Montgomery, ?. Seated are Brenda Stone, Margaret Hibbert, ?. Front are Sue Spencer, ?, Val Kleinig, ?, ?, ?. Pictured are Geoff Griffiths (Life Member), Frank O'Laoghlin, Kevin Ralls, ? Bound, Glenice Carr, Maz Williams, Edna Cook, ?, Annette Bound, Jess Montgomery, Shirley Ralls, ?, ? Studham, Penny Dorington, Pat Rampal, ?.
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Pictured at the official opening of the present clubhouse on 24 April 1994 are Councillor Stan Paul (Hastings Shire President), Richard Carr (Life Member), Len Williams (Life Member). Pictured are Glenice Carr, Dot Byrne, Marg Hibbert, Fay Studham, Jess Montgomery, Lois Booth. Pictured are Gary MacMillan (Life Member), ?, Lindsay Bull, Park Shiel (Life Member), Shirley Ralls, Richard Carr (Life Member), Councillor Stan Paul (Hastings Shire President).
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Pictured are ?, ?, ?, Annabell Richards, ? Bound, Annette Bound, Marie Griffiths, Stan Byrne, Jess Montgomery, Roger Richards. Working bee before opeing of present clubhouse. Pictured are Anne Machin, Claire Garton, Fay Studham. Working bee before opening. Pictured are ?, Len Williams (Life Member), ?, Park Shiel (Life Member).
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Opening of present clubhouse. Pictured are Maz Williams, Ross Studham, ?, ?, Vincent Booth, Carol Carroll, Di Konning, Stan Byrne, Fred Konning, Lindsay Bull, Pat Rampal, John Cannon, Mrs Cannon, Geoff Griffiths (Life Member), ?, Penny Dorrington, Lois Booth. Opening of present clubhouse. Pictured are Len Williams (Life Member), Lois Booth, ?, ?, ?, Fay Studham, Travis Studham, ? Studham, Ross Studham, ? Studham, Christy Studham, ?.  Garden Square - 1972/73 unknown meeting. 
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Photos courtesy the late Rod Nuske and the late Geoff Griffiths, both Life Members of Somers Tennis Club. 

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Somers B Grade 1948 Premiership team (McCrae vs Somers) - Ken Boadle, Bob Stone, Don Richardson, Terry Stahlet, Thelma Craven, Marjory Smith, Dot Byrne, Jess Montgomery.    Tennis in Somers - Front: Jack Houghton, Betty Freems, Val Freems, Jenn Bourne, Jan Lovett, Peter Lewis. Back: Frank Stone, Ray Stone, Bob Stone, Stan Carr, Bruce Lovett, ? Kershaw


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